pannello_storiaThe Chiodetti are descendants of Abruzzese shepherds, who seasonally brought their flocks of sheep to the Tuscia area. The shepherds eventually settled in the area and dedicated themselves to raising livestock, farming, and operating a small dairy. Initially they sold their products directly from the farm, and at local weekly markets.

In the late 90’s Gianni Chiodetti took over responsibility for the company‚Äôs production, experimentation and for the expansion of the product range. The production facility and current distribution network have existed only since the early 2000s. The Chiodetti brand has been present at major national and international trade fairs such as Cibus, the Salone del Gusto, and Tutto Food.

The company earns plaudits regularly in its elegant flagship store, equipped for sales of their range of products as well as for tasting.